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Testimonials from InforMisson Clients


InforMission delivered a well thought out approach and executed with excellence, creating a result superior to the boilerplate approach of the big-6 competitor we had considered.

Lars Rabbe, VP and CIO, Lucenct Technologies, Skype, Yahoo, Octel Communications


Bottom line is that InforMission has the skills and resources to deliver in turnaround situations. Their analysis and recommendations are insightful and they are willing to stand behind their work and help you execute.

Bob Cohen, Sr. Director, Information Technology, General Instrument Corporation


InforMission made an outstanding contribution to our IT strategic plan.  Despite unusually short lead times and little department experience in developing major milestones, timelines and budgets, InforMission was instrumental in providing the IT building blocks for our firm to be competitive, now and in the future.  Your “hands on” style, business savvy, experience and work ethic all gained you instant respect and acceptance as a member of the team.  You also provided invaluable interim management prior to our hiring a new IT Manager.  Again, we are extremely pleased with your work, and have since thought of multiple projects where we could still use your help!

— Carol McRonald, CFO, The Seeley Company


We have known for a long time that the health of our business, is dependent on a stable well designed, information system. But it is one thing to understand that, and another to have a clear plan for how to get there. InforMission has been a catalyst for realizing those dreams in our company, by providing clear cogent analysis of our business processes, people, and quirks and how to translate those needs into a clear plan for hardware, software and creative use of information in our endeavors. Not only that but they found us a great IS Director as well no mean feat here in the Bay Area.

— Sam Katzen, President, Rubber Stampede, Inc.


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