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InforMission provides IT management and technical services.  We've helped non-profit and for-profit clients in numerous industries, such as bio-tech, high-tech semiconductor manufacturing, toys, wedding supplies, halloween supplies, women's health care, commercial real estate, cable TV, national security, and more.  Here are a few examples of our work.



The JCC of Palo Alto requested our support in maintaining their core business system.  The JCC is one of the largest community centers in Silicon Valley.  Its system supports ticketing for cultural events, aand a huge health center as well as both pre-school and after school programs.  InforMission personnel took on the challenge of learning and supporting the system.  InforMission also assisted JCC in selecting and implementing a system to support JCC's summer programs for kids

Technical Support

SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT // Identification Solutions, Inc. ​ 

Identication Solutions, Inc. needed systems to support their soon-to-be-launched women's health care product.  InforMission developed their websites, mobile application, and server-side database system.  As is common with many startups, Identication Solutions needed a functioning system quickly to help their fund raising efforts.  InforMission met that goal and kept development costs within budget.



INTERIM MANAGEMENT // Bio-Rad, Motorola ​ 

When your IT organization needs interim management, InforMission has seasoned IT managers who can help.  While serviing as Interim CIO for General Instrument (now part of Motorola) we helped retain staff, kept all systems operational and formulated a strategy that allowed the new CIO to assume his responsibilities quickly.  Similarly at Bio-Rad Laboratories we filled in while a new manager of Applications was recruited.  And, at DNSE, we organized things in a way that allowed the corporation to keep staffing levels extremely lean while continuing to support their highly mobile workforce.

IT Interim Management


Octel (now part of Lucent) requested InforMission's help in developing a strategic plan for their IT organization.  InforMission's team of consultants helped Octel's executive team clarify their vision of the future and then formulated the IT's strategy and tactics to support that vision.  

IT Strategic Planning

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