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Our IT Consultants, Project Managers, and Developers take care of the details.  We earned our stripes in some of the best of known companies in Silicon Valley.  Frankly, while no one is perfect, we use our experience to help avoid expensive and time consuming "methodology overkill"..  With InforMission, our teams our small and focused on your project. 








While you're busy recruiting your new CIO, IT Director or Manager, we're busy helping keep your projects on schedule and your teams motivated. If you'd like, we'll even help interview candidates. 


As experienced IT Managers, we hone in quickly on project and personnel issues!  And, when the new manager begins we're part of the "on boarding" process, sharing our observations and insights, while respecting the new manager's responsiblity to come to their own conclusions.

InforMission Project Managers use methodologies, but we don't let methodology get in the way of common sense and business objectives. 

IT Strategic Planning

InforMission's team is comprised of people who have not only been CIO's, but have also built and run businesses.  We'll use our experience and insights to help your team develop an IT Strategic Plan that makes sense for your business.  

Systems Selection

Selecting the ideal system to meet the often conflicting needs of your employees and customers can be tricky!  We manage the process, engage stakeholders, and keep vendors under control.

Systems Implementation

Frequently, clients ask us to help implement systems we helped select.  We're glad to help or to refer you to others if you need more specialized skills.

Systems Development

At times, only a custom solution will do. InforMission analysts, designers, and developers will handle the details for you! 

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