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Implementation Support

The RLA is a trade association, open to all companies. All companies, in our experience, have issues with logistics that could best be addressed on an industry wide basis. Best practices, certification programs and standards are the objectives of our association. Many companies have seen our efforts to standardize new labeling protocols and have opted to help make this a reality by modifying their applications or creating tools to facilitate this process. We expect many more will support this effort as we progress. For now, the following three companies have been active in fleshing our the implementation of our standards protocol: Eurosoft, Ltd. has led the refinement of the application of sQRl codes for computer repair and refurbishing. Andlor Software is integrating sQRl codes with their Reverse Logistics and Depot Repair Management system and InforMission is creating tools to produce and manage the physical labels.

InforMission Solutions, LLC produces tools to create and read labels.  We've been directly involved in the creation and evolution of the sQRl code standard since the formation of RLA's Standard Committee.  InforMission is proud to have proposed the data format and other key elements of the standard which allow us to support virtually all languages, currencies, and units of measure as well as provide encryption for selected information.

InforMission's tool integrate with third-parties systems like those from Eurosoft and And | Or to create industry specific solutions.  

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