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Implementation Support

The RLA is a trade association, open to all companies. All companies, in our experience, have issues with logistics that could best be addressed on an industry wide basis. Best practices, certification programs and standards are the objectives of our association. Many companies have seen our efforts to standardize new labeling protocols and have opted to help make this a reality by modifying their applications or creating tools to facilitate this process. We expect many more will support this effort as we progress. For now, the following three companies have been active in fleshing our the implementation of our standards protocol: Eurosoft, Ltd. has led the refinement of the application of sQRl codes for computer repair and refurbishing. And|Or Software is integrating sQRl codes with their

Warranty Management system and InforMission is creating tools to produce and manage the physical labels.

  • Eurosoft (UK) Ltd is a leading provider of progressive PC diagnostic software, enabling computer manufacturing, repair and refurbishing services to quickly and reliably solve hardware issues.

  • Supporters of the SqrL Code Standard Committee within the Reverse Logistics Association, the Eurosoft team are developing its Pc-Check diagnostic family to coordinate comprehensive test error codes into the new reverse logistics processes made possible by companies such as InforMission IT Consultants.

  • Eurosoft’s Pc-Check diagnostic software family is flexible in test ability, offering countless scripts and individual tests to be formed into forward and reverse logistics, which are scalable to meet variable volume demands.

  • Eurosoft envision the SqrL codes as the activist to automate and share computer recordation, initiating warranties at purchase point, to effectively process returns and repair claims. Eurosoft is committed to the SqrL Code standard. Eurosoft has been a member of the Reverse Logistics Association ( since 2004.

  • Over 35+ years of customer success, since 1980, Eurosoft diagnostics and test suites are used daily around the world, defining and automating problem resolution for a variety of machines and devices, regardless of brand.

  • With a history of provisioning test tools for retail and publishers, BIOS development for industry leaders such as Award Software, contributing to whitepapers and OEM/vendor beta programs, Eurosoft is well placed to provide tools and methodologies for the widest variety of business and consumers alike.

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