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Application and Uses

For Professionals

Intel recognizes the need for an optically scan-able label that creates a repair record. Some returned products are hard to identify. Sometimes by design there is no access to the Internet. Sometimes there is no power. Sometimes paper records get separated from a product and potentially lost in the process. Called a Digital Toe Tag, this scan-able repair record addresses these issues.

What is a Digital Toe Tag?

A digital toe tag is a set of labels that track a product repair and/or refurbishing process. 

  • The labels are attached directly to the product – Thus cannot be separated from the product.

  • The labels are OPTICALLY scan-able – Thus do not need power.


They can be tied to product databases and digital records, but generated without LAN/WAN access.


  • When a product is returned a digital file is created.

  • Most of it is in a cloud database created by the manufacturer.

    • It can be as complex as desired, but MUST contain certain fields.

  • Some of it (minimal subset) is optically scan-able

    • Many returned products have no power.



Red border to distinguish as repair record. Can/should be inside product when appropriate.

Scanning a Digital Toe Tag

(after scanning basic sQRl label for initial data)

Display of Digital Event Record

Display of Master Repair Record

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