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Application and Uses

For Manufacturers

Many products are covered with bar codes with various shipping and customs data. Since there are few standards that integrate all of these fields, pen and paper is still used for many of these transactions. Expediting the record keeping with dense labels equates to faster processing which means less costs.


UPC codes  (GS1) are perfect for their function and this is NOT intended to replace them, but they can be duplicated in the sQRl codes for scanning convenience. However, considerably more information is required in forward logistics– and it is usually conveyed by paper.

The sQRl code can automate they conveyance of much of this data including:

  • Schedule B

  • HTS, NFFC, ECN forms

  • Hazmat, etc. (about 20 fields have been identified)


On shipping package/container. Also on paper documentation.

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